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VidPush Reseller

VidPush Reseller

VidPush Reseller

Sell VidPush & Keep 100% of the earnings.

VidPush Reseller

VidPush Reseller

Rebrand VidPush & keep 100% of profits!

VidPush Whitelabel

That means YOU get to sell VidPush and pocket 100% of the profits!

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We take care of all the technical support

That's true! If your client hits a glitch, don't sweat. Just hand it over to us and we'll take care of it!

Nothing to develop, code, configure or support... This is a completely 'Done For You' setup and you've got nothing to lose and only PROFITS to gain!

We've already done the slogging for YOU! We've built the product, done the case studies, tested it, proved it in the market.

This is a golden ticket for you - pure profit and brain dead simple!

With Whitelabel (Rebrand it!)

Whitelabel rights give you the permission to rebrand VidPush and sell it as your own. Make your own box, own branding, and make money by telling everybody that VidPush is your product.

Call it Videosniper (like on the side), VidPromoter, FBVids, or any other name you want. Your call!

We'll even give you our sales pages that you can change and use to sell the software to your customers.

Sell & Build A Brand. Or Get...

Reseller Rights (Sell & Keep 100% Profits)

With Reseller rights you can drive traffic to our sales pages, but keep ALL THE MONEY.

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Internet marketing software sells like hot cakes!

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Creating software isn't easy.

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Without the headache of starting from scratch.

Just take all the work that we've already done for you, the concepts that we've already proven, use our support infrastructure. We take the pain and you take the money!

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People will happily cough up money to get something like this! Call it what you want, design it however you like and keep all the money you earn! Go ahead, get behind the wheel, be your own boss and call your shots!!!

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This is your only chance to become a reseller or whitelabel owner at the knocked down price you see below, so click the button and turn ON the unlimited profit machine for yourself.

Remember -- With the Whitelabel version -- you ALSO get the sales pages in HTML format, so you can host them as your own, and sell the product as your own! And you get complete rebranding rights too.

The next time you look, it could be $100 costlier!


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VidPush Whitelabel

VidPush - Whitelabel

(Rebrand & Sell As Your Own)

VidPush Reseller

VidPush - Reseller

(Sell VidPush & Keep 100% Profits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Reseller License

Q: How much money can I make reselling VidPush?
A: You get to keep 100% of the main offer reselling VidPush. Other products in the funnel are priced at 50%
Q: Can I brand VidPush as my own and price it however I want?
A: No – you cannot brand VidPush as your own, and you will be able to sell at the price we optimize for post-launch
Q: Do I get access to sales page and sales video?
A: No – we host them – you can drive traffic to these pages and generate 100% commissions for the main offer, 50% for the upgrades!
Q: Do I get the webinar presentation?
A: Yes – you get access to our pre-launch webinar presentation within our members area – which you can use to promote VidPush.
Q: What’s the earliest I can start selling? Do I need any more details?
A: Earliest you can start selling is TODAY – and you need to start by requesting your affiliate link and commission bump when you apply. To do so – just check out the details in the members area.

Whitelabel License

Q: Can I rebrand VidPush as my own?
Yes – we encourage you to do that. You can put your own logo, your own training and your own support link and sell VidPush as your own.
Q: What price points can I sell at?
At any point of time the price should be equal to, or higher than the price we are selling it for at https://vidpush.in. You can't sell it at a price lower than that.
Q: What is the earliest I can start selling?
A: The earliest you can start selling is on 2nd April 2016.
Q: What marketing materials do I get with VidPush?
A: You get the sales page in HTML format, sales videos, as well as the webinar presentation that we did for the pre-launch webinar. We do recommend that you edit these to ensure they are branded to you. But this will go a long way in helping you sell better!
Q: How many clients can I sell this to?
A: As many as you want – there is no limit. You are not allowed to launch this on JVzoo or Clickbank or any other marketplace. However, you are allowed to run FB ads or drive email traffic to your sales pages.
Q: What will my client get through this access?
A: Your client will get the main plus PRO version (minus commercial license) of VidPush with this access.
Q: Can I giveaway a license or offer it as a bonus?
A: No you can’t give it away or offer it as a bonus – you only have rights to sell it. You can't offer a discount which takes it below our selling price either.
Q: Can I refund my FE and OTO purchases after purchasing Whitelabel?
A: No absolutely not. To be eligible to hold a whte label license you should be a current user of the basic version and pro version only after purchasing that you are eligible to purchase the white label offer.