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Ever felt that you aren’t able to milk your videos dry of all the moolah they can make you?

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VidPush is GUARANTEED TO BOOST FB INFLUENCE, and you will never need to spend a penny to make it work. No maintenance, no fee, no ads, no recurring. But YOU CAN CHARGE A RECURRING FEE!

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POWERFUL AUTOMATION With AutoPosting & Channel Shadowing For Total Hands-Free Operation!


Do you know why you haven't been able to jumpstart your Facebook videos so far? Because it's too much work! You need to spend your entire day browsing, downloading, uploading and optimizing.

VidPush PRO takes the effort out of building powerful Facebook video pages. With Autoposting, you can just run VidPush once, and it will work in the background FOREVER, you won't have to do anythign at all!

Relax with your family while VidPush keeps your page running and updated. No need to spend your time selecting, downloading and uploading videos. Why work, when you have VidPush PRO?

Channel Shadowing

Want to automatically post videos from your own channel to Facebook? Are there channels in your niche that post videos regularly? Bring them to Facebook automatically!

VidPush PRO's pathbreaking Channel Shadowing technology will automatically monitor YouTube channels and get their videos to your Facebook pages as soon as they appear.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the ultimate dream… having the freedom to get up and go on vacation at the drop of a hat… and having a free ‘n’ easy cash flow to spend your days living your life, on your terms, at your pace… where phrases like ‘nine-to-five’ seem like distant memories from a previous lifetime… then you’re at the right page!

3x Licenses

VidPush is a desktop software, and we give you one license which is good for one computer. If you want to use VidPush on a second computer, or give one copy to your VA, you'll have to buy two more copies. Well, with VidPush PRO you won't. We'll give you 3 licenses for the price of one!

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What did you do when you wanted a video on Facebook earlier? You dug it out, downloaded it, uploaded it and optimized it. Then you had to keep repeating that process every day till you die or give up.

NO MORE! You just search and select! No work... No digging... No Research... & No Stress on your part! No more remembering what date it was added or how many videos were there in the niche.

Just punch in the keywords and find all relevant the videos and you can just select them all and upload them to Facebook! Literally as simple as A-B-C!

This unrivalled technology saves you time, effort and stress! Just sit back and relax!

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