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High engagement

FB videos get a higher engagement than their youtube links. This means you get a direct increase in viewership for the same content.

Get latest content

Vidpush enables search for the latest and top rated videos for any keyword that you can add to your posting queue

Controlled Automation

Allows you to upload the videos in your queue to facebook according to the schedule you set. You get detailed reports to counter any errors in posting

Value for time

With just 15 minutes of work, you can select and queue videos for the entire week

What Our Existing Users Think

Clive Bunch

Another masterpiece of software from the master of YouTube traffic! I am no expert but I was able to easily set this up in 30 minutes for my two fanpages. The software works flawlessly and adds valuable content, a great timesaver. For anyone wanting to build an attractive fanpage Vidpush is a must have! I will definately be making the most of Vidpush!

Nergis Parikh

I’ve just not been having the time lately to post regularly to my various FB pages – with VidPush I don’t have to worry any more. I am amazed at the flexilibily that VidPush allows me in terms of automation. I can choose to automate the search process as well as the post process. I tried VidPush just for the past 3 days and I’m suddenly getting a lot more engagement on my posts. I am loving it !!

Rule The Promising Facebook Video Platform
Auto Upload Videos From Youtube As Native FB Videos

Facebook had largely been underestimated in terms of its video platform.Until now!

On one hand its strong video sharing enhances engagement by leaps. On the other hand, the valuable comment option on the videos doubles the curiosity of viewers so that they are compelled to click and know what their network is talking about.

No wonder Facebook videos get 200% more engagement than the YouTube links of the same video.

This secret is now out ! Marketers are already on their way to capitalise big through this.

However, Facebook native videos need to be embedded directly and that is a tedious task to do manually.

The question is can you take a video and upload it automatically to FB? What if you could even auto upload as per a given schedule?

Vidpush does this exact job for you. This innovative software auto posts videos to FB as native videos and exploits a whole new untapped source of traffic for you!

Search, Filter And Auto Post Videos To
FB From A Single Hub

Grow reach for the same videos

Get the freshest video content in one click

Post at your schedule

Turn keywords into viral hashtags

Get more traffic, leads and sales.

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